Al Bader

Over the last few years, Dubai has given the platform to fashion industry. International brands have marked their presence in Dubai by showcasing their products either by the fashion shows or by festivals. Whatever the source is, it not only grab the local audience but its popularity and interest spread internationally. Local investors, in return, started organizing competitive platforms to display these products. Dubai festival is considered to be the world’s largest festival that has almost all the brands of international competency. There are other event organizers as well as exhibition managers. Al Bader Jewelers are known for organizing exhibitions that display various international brands of jewellery. The company carefully selects the international level brands to display their collection.

Al Bader is known for jewellery exhibitions organized by the name of Al Ain Jewellery and Watches Exhibition. A huge number of jewelers exhibit their collection. Al Bader have agents spread all over the world and are responsible for taking contracts from international brands of jewellery. The recent exhibition held last year has displayed more than 50 international standard brands. The major benefit of such exhibition is that all the best brands are available under one roof.

The models and the jewellery stalls at the Al Bader exhibition display the best collection of these brands. It not only gives the buyer an opportunity of freedom of choice, but also emphasizes on the latest trends in the market. The brands check their competency by displaying their finest items. Al Bader offer technical support as well as all the necessary material for the exhibition. The participation as well as the sponsorship application of Al Bader is given online. The company carefully investigates the authenticity of the brand. This process is handled by the management to ensure to deliver its best services to the customers.

Al Bader tend to provide the comfort to its exhibitors at the maximum level. Visa processing and hotel accommodation is offered by the company upon request. Some of the well-known companies that are sponsoring the exhibition are world gold council, international gemological institute, royal vision, and many more. A huge list of sponsors is evidence of the success of Al Bader exhibitions. The company also offers the media promotions target a huge number of audiences. For promotions through media, print media as well as electronic media are used for this purpose.

To ensure a flawless exhibition of Al Bader, the participation terms and conditions has to be read thoroughly. So, for buying the latest fashioned jewellery and getting the information for all the international brands, step into one of its grand exhibition and indulge into the never-ending experience of glamour.