Al Zain Rings

Al Zain Jewelry is one of the elite, historical jewellery makers of the Middle East, being proud and treasuring, it is over 80 year long traditions in authentic Arabic jewellery making. Using high quality 18k and 21K gold for its creations, the original Bahraini brand has indeed found a second home in Dubai, where its beautiful creations seem to peak their popularity, contrary to the fact, that Al Zain is one of the whole Middle East’s best and most popular jewellery. In our article, we will explore the rich collections of Al Zain, especially their rings, with regards to their brand new collections of both male and female rings.

Abdulla Al Zain, an experienced goldsmith in Bahrain, was the very first in the Gulf area to open a jewellery showroom, founded Al Zain Jewelry. The brand treasures its heritage and ever since it is considered one of the finest brands in every Gulf countries, also having successful showrooms in every Gulf countries. Al Zain deals with highly exclusive jewellery collections, rich in oriental style and beautiful decorations, mostly out of the most precious gemstones, such as emeralds, diamonds or rubies. The brand takes part as an exhibitor in every Middle Eastern jewellery fairs, which of course includes those prestigious events held in Dubai, one of these being the Dubai Jewellery Week a yearly held event, which by today has grown out to be one of the highest quality jewellery fairs in the world. Al Zain’s Maharaja and its newest Arab Deco collections have won several prestigious quality awards, such as the Gold Virtuousi Award or the Tahitian Pearl Trophy.

Al Zain Jewelry displays the meeting of real designer talent and the finest quality materials in its creatios. Apart from its haute couture collections, Al Zain has outstanding collections of wedding rings, engagement rings, and whole wedding jewellery collections. The brands haute couture rings are predominantly Arabic in style, including beautiful huge precious stones; while on the other hand, the Al Zain also represents beautiful pure gold rings for weddings and for the making of custom jewellery, following the wishes of their customers.

The newest catch of Al Zain is, to be the only one in Dubai and the Middle East to act as the tradesman for the exquisite collections of Guy Laroche and Cacharel, both being elite French fashion designers. Here, it is especially the rings of Guy Laroche are, which stand out, not only because of their sheer quality, but also for its innovative solutions, when it comes to the application of alternative materials, such as ceramics, titanium or stainless steel. Cacharel on the other hand represents a more feminine line in jewellery, being inspired by nature and richly decorated by diamonds and other gemstones, the rings of Cacharel are perfect to wear during the day or during the night as well.

If you are in Dubai and you are keen on finding something exclusive, yet different, do not hesitate to visit one of the Al Zain stores where you are guaranteed to forget to close your mouth, seeing all these exceptional diamonds, gold and wedding rings, the brand has to offer.