Atlas Earrings

Whether in collection or separately, the earrings of Atlas jewellery are unique and definitely for those, who would like to have something oriental as a souvenir from Dubai. Being among the best jewellers in Dubai, the Indian Atlas Jewellery has multiple great collections of earrings and all types of
women's jewellery; so do not hesitate, to browse through the offers of Atlas, when you are in Dubai.

Atlas Jewellery has extensive offer of diamond, gold, pearl jewellery; it is mainly featuring its jewellery in collections. Each jewellery group features a nice number of collections, with the exception of pearl, which comes only in one collection. With Gold being the main jewellery type of Atlas Jewellery, the variation of styles and designs is great, yet we would like to offer the collections of Atlas for those who like Indian style jewellery, which is flashy, decorated and perfect for balls and other elegant evening programs. Let us look at some of the key collections of Atlas jewellery, when it comes to gold and diamond earrings.

Gold collections:
Adya is a collection featuring necklaces and earrings with a slight Oriental touch.
Dyumna is definitely reflecting the beauty of Indian Jewellery design, featuring big earrings with necklace for weddings and for special occasions.
Maisha features the most heavy Indian style jewellery, ideal for wedding jewellery.
Moriina is inspired by nature’s forms, here you can find flower shaped earrings with their fitting necklaces it’s a great collection for women of every age.
Sevgi is a more colorful collection also featuring beautiful necklaces that come with the earrings in a collection.
Zyana featuring darker colors and also white gold in its collections, Zyana features smaller to larger pairs of earrings for customers of every age.

Pearl collection: Atlas Jewellery works with Kimono pearls and features elegant and laidback collections of earrings and earrings and necklaces made of quality white and colored pearls.

Diamond collections: the diamond jewels of Atlas have become extensive in the last view years, when the importance of Dubai in the area of diamond export has also become a growing ambition. Let us look at the earrings of the beautiful diamond collections of Atlas.

Calista collection features smaller designs with the application of white gold which are perfect for daily wear too.
Candrii features elegant evening collection featuring diamonds withing white gold jewellery.
Iris is also a great evening collection featuring flower shaped beautiful diamond earrings in collections, with passing necklace.
Syamanthaka: features smaller yet greatly decorated diamond earrings perfect for evening wear.

Apart from these collections that feature the majority of Atlas Jewellery’s offers, the brand also deals with the making of special jewellery or specific pieces as per ordered by customers. It’s colored gemstone earring collection is also quite extensive. Atlas works mainly with yellow and white gold.
Atlas Jewellery has about 10 different stores in all the different areas of Dubai. Atlas is also one of the best priced quality jewelleries of the city, therefore its more than worth visiting. It’s flagship store is located in Gold Centre in Gold Souk Dubai.