Atlas Gold Jewellery

When you are in Dubai and if you would like to see and to buy some of the best quality gold jewellery what Dubai have to offer, than you just cannot miss to visit Atlas Jewellery. Although living in the shadow of the huge Damas, Pure Gold and Joyalukkas jewelleries, Atlas Jewellery is in real one of the most established diamond and gold jewellery brands in the world, that has decided to put its centre in the United Arab Emirates.

Being established 30 years ago in India, Atlas Jewellery, thanks to its great leadership and fine quality gold jewellery crafting, has quickly decided to move on to conquer the markets of the Middle East, setting camp first in Kuwait where it has established its very first Middle Eastern branch, much to the happiness of all jewellery loving locals. With this step, Atlas Jewellery has become the very first well-established Indian gold jewellery maker and trader who have created flourishing business in the Middle East. Not only has Atlas great trading techniques and high profile gold jewellery collections, thanks to its founder and leader to this day M.M. Ramachandran, Atlas Jewellery has also become a high scale exporter of gold and one of the establishers of the publishing of its daily gold rates.

Atlas Jewellery today is enlisted among the "100 Most Powerful Indians in the GCC". The quality standards of Atlas Jewellery are extremely high, and since it is an Indian company, it treats all of its customers as kings and queens while shopping, and employs employees with quality knowledge about diamond and gold jewellery and employs great manners with customers.

The stores of Atlas Jewellery can be found all over Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and you really should not miss them if you want to see the very best collection of Arabic, Indian and Western style beautiful gold jewellery of all sorts. In Dubai, you can find the stores of Atlas in the Dubai Gold Souk. They are also represented with multiple stores in Bur Dubai, at Rolla and Al Fahidi Street, in Al Satwa district at the Maraya Complex, in Karama in the Kasim Building, at KMT Karama, at LuLu Village, at the huge Global Village Complex and in the Al Khail Mall at Al Quoz. Atlas Jewellery has prosperous stores also in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Ajman. Apart from high quality gold, Atlas also ranks among the sellers of the highest quality diamond, pearl and precious gemstones.

The brand does its best to keep up with the modern day requirements of customers, therefore its website is open for customers to browse among the great quality collections of its jewellery and you can buy them with a worldwide shipping guarantee.

Atlas Jewellery is not only famous for the highest quality gold jewellery but also of having exceptionally good prices. You can also try to bargain here as in each store of Atlas, its customer who comes first. In case you want to see jewellery you may have never seen before, do not miss checking the traditional Indian gold jewellery. You can be sure that once at Atlas, you will not be able to resist the temptation to buy one or more of its fantastic gold jewellery for you.