Atlas Pearl Jewellery

Atlas Jewellery is one of the highest quality jewellers in Dubai, selling its high profile collections of diamonds, gold and pearl jewellery and for the best suitable prices and with the best quality service for its customers. Atlas Jewellery, being among the most successful Dubai jewelleries of Indian origin can thank its success to its high quality standard in every aspect of jewellery making and trading practices. In this article, we would like to represent you with the beautiful collections of pearl jewellery of Atlas Jewellery, which, once you visit one store of the brand will surely leave you all amazed.

Not many people know that for a long time, Dubai used to be one of the biggest sellers and traders of natural pearls that were found high numbers close to the shores of Dubai up to about 50 years ago. With the eruption of world wars, active both on soil and on water, unfortunately Gulf Sea became unable to raise the clams that make pearls anymore. Dubai’s will is strong though, to bring back its old fame in selling and offering the finest quality pearls and pearl jewellery though its great jewellery brands and also keeps a great Pearl Museum, where you can get to see some of the rarest pearls in the world.

After conquering Kuwait, the founder M.M. Ramachandran decided to move on to the already flourishing Dubai, where, he established friendly relationship with Dubai’s leader Sheikh Al Maktoum. The Sheikh welcomed the high profile brand in order to set a standard in the quality of Dubai’s jewellery brands and decided on the creating of the Dubai Shopping Festival, in order to help in the flourishing of the local trading of jewellery and other goods. Mr. Ramachandran was elected to be the chairperson of the DSF Gold Promotion Committee of Dubai, which means he had a leading role to create Dubai’s main promotional and trading aspects, when it came to wholesale gold and diamonds jewellery trading. Today, you can find multiple stores of Atlas Jewellery in Dubai and in every big city of all the Gulf States.

Let us say now a couple of words about pearl. Pearl is one of the most precious naturally created things in the world, a wonder in every sense, which has become value long time ago. The value of natural pearl exceeds the value of gemstones with the sole exception of quality diamonds. There are several types of pearls though and their value is greatly dependant on which type of pearl you are to buy. Natural pearls are the ones with the highest price, due to their great rarity in the nature today. There are also cultured pearls, the value of which is much lower, although looking similarly beautiful when featured in jewellery. Atlas Jewellery which works with the highest quality materials cooperates with a worldwide known Japanese exporter of pearls, called Kimono. The pearl jewellery of Atlas is represented in forms of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces as these are the type of jewellery that make the beauty of pearl the most outstanding.

Therefore, the pearl jewellery of Atlas is highly elegant, designed for the sophisticated women for both daily wear, including art pieces of pearl jewellery for special occasions. Atlas also designs colored pearl jewellery with the inclusion of colored gemstones and pearls such as Black Freshwater Pearls and colored white pearls in their collection of pearl jewellery to make the items look simply outstanding. Do not miss to check out on the unforgettable collection of pearl jewellery, once you visit the store of Atlas.