Damas Jewellery, born in Syria in 1907 has since grown out to be the leading jewellery brand of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, having an enormous number of 300 stores all around the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Damas Jewellery offers over twenty local and international brands in its collections, some of which are great names on the European jewellery market. Baraka is one of these brands, making up currently the one and only male jewellery collections of Damas Jewellery and it is indeed a luxurious one. Let us see the history together with the exquisite collections of Baraka Jewellery, sold in Dubai by Damas Jewellery.

Baraka, despite its name being definitely created out of an Arabic word (Baraka means enough in Arabic), is an Italian brand which is part of the big Murano Group, founded in 1975 and by today having lots of prestigious Italian members, being some of the best jewellery houses of Italy. Baraka is relatively a new brand, being founded in 2010 to become a leading brand, one of the very few, which specialise themselves in the making of solely male jewellery. Baraka has a distinguished style, with which it uses some of the most prominent high quality metals, such as gold, pink and white gold, together with revolutionary materials, such as rubber, metal or ceramics and not leaving out the most precious gemstones, the white diamonds, to create an elegant yet the least feminine looking male jewellery. Baraka deals with the creation of rings, bracelets, cufflinks, pendants, money-clips, necklaces, earrings, crosses, key chains and its special collections, such as the Casino Collection. Although we can find all these in the collections of Baraka, we can also say, that the brand is somewhat specialised in the creation of high quality male bracelets. You can get to find at least 50 different sorts of bracelets. In the pendant collection of Baraka, you can spot the so popular Christian symbols, dear to Italian heart, being the cross and even the face of Jesus on the cross.

Taking its inspiration from the outlook of male-ish things, such as chains, bolts, cars, tyres, hinges or screws to create fantastic looking male jewellery, Baraka is really an outstanding master of jewellery making. Today, you can find the collections of Baraka very popular as male jewellery sold by several jewellers all around the world. The Dubai partner of the brand is the Damas Jewellery, which has been cooperating with Baraka brand to create market for male jewellery too, with this being among the very first Dubai jewellers that came out with male jewellery collections.

Despite being for a market still much smaller than the one of female jewellery, Baraka is indeed creating interest and sales in Dubai and thanks to Damas, all around the Middle East, the collections of the Italian brand are sold for quite an exclusive price. The brand is sold in the Damas Les Exclusives and Semi-Exclusives stores and it is indeed worth checking out, while you are in Dubai and you look for a great piece of male jewellery for yourself or as a present. Check out Baraka especially during the yearly held Dubai Shopping Festival, with the next one starting from 3rd January, where many great discounts apply at Damas jewellery stores.