If you peep into the world of jewellery you will see that there a few jewelers who stand out, and Cartier is no exception to this. The name of Cartier has left a deep impression on connoisseurs of jewelry who are extremely impressed by the company and its products. Cartier jewelry made its appearance more than 150 years ago and their creations have improved with age and time. Yet, it has retained its old elegance, beauty, and excellence. Do you know that the first jewelry to prefigure the Art Deco style was created by Cartier using abstract and geometric forms?

Cartier is the brainchild of Louis-Francois Carter who started making his own jewelry in 1847 in Paris. His craftsmanship became very popular and this led him to open his own shop which earned him both name and fame. Cartier craftsmanship is so high-class and the jewelry so exceptional that you just cannot resist buying them. Cartier pioneered the use of platinum since 1860 and the art was so delicate that it looked like they were sewn to the dress of the person wearing it. Such was his fame that Cartier was appointed as the primary supplier of jewelry to Napoleon III’s Court.

Cartier is not just a name - it is an institution. Any person who wears a Cartier product feels proud to be associated with it. It is a world renowned company and you can be assured that anything you buy would definitely be of high quality - the product, the craftsmanship, and the service. The Cartier company ensures that its products are of excellent quality and it is definitely worth the money you invest on it.

Cartier makes watches for both men and women, and needless to say, they are elegant, stylish, and above all incredibly beautiful. Some of the famous Cartier watches are ‘Tank’, ‘Pasha’, and ‘Panther’. Cartier watches are made of gold and steel, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, gold and stones, platinum, titanium, and palladium. These watches are manufactured in the mechanical, automatic, and mechanical and manual categories and with a range of straps. You would be interested to know that the first jewelry bracelet watch for ladies was first created in 1888.

Cartier writing instruments are world famous. There would hardly be a educated person who would not have heard of Cartier pens. Some of the writing instruments brought out by Cartier are the fountain pen, roller ball, ball point, and pencil propeller. Some of the famous brands of Cartier pens are Louis Cartier, Pasha de Cartier, Must de Cartier, and Trinity Cartier.

Cartier makes exceptional jewellery that is well known throughout the world for its unique designs, style and beauty. Cartier has created various kinds of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, tiaras, head bands, combs, and aigrettes through the skillful use of diamonds mounted on platinum. Abstract geometric compositions were also used for making intricate jewelry. One of Cartier’s specialties was using a combination of rock crystals, diamonds, and platinum to create extraordinary dazzling creations where diamonds sparkled brightly giving a splendid effect.

Cartier is one of the world’s best known manufacturers of eyewear products. Their sunglasses are worn by many people including famous personalities throughout the world. Their eye care products are highly valued for their workmanship, quality, and style.

Step into any of Cartier’s store and feel the beauty of Dubai jewellery. Shops can be found at The Dubai Mall and Emirates Towers Boulevard.