If you are a fan of high quality Italian gold jewellery, then there is no way you would not have heard the name Chiampesan. Being among the best and most popular Italian jewellers now famous all around the world, the style of Chiampesan is eternal and guaranteed to stay trendy. In Dubai, you can get to find Chiampesan of course, among all the well-known brands in the world, at Damas jewellery, being a world famous jewellery brand itself. Let us look and explore the great collections of Chiampesan, together with the beauty of gold in its creations.

Lino Chiampesan founded Chiampesan in 1959 in Vicenza - the goldsmith capital of Italy from the medieval times. As a goldsmith business which sold high quality gold and gold jewellery to all around the world, yet not under its brand name From the Eighties, Chiampesan has stepped out to create its own brand and today, it considered one of the best quality Italian gold jewellery brands in the world. Quite interestingly, Chiampesan still prefers to sell its collections through department stores and luxury jewellery traders, instead of setting up its single brand stores.

As for its style, you can easily spot the love of Chiampesan for all forms of chain and it is a motive you can spot in the large majority of the brand’s collections. Chiampesan today offers the following high quality collections for its customers:

• Fiji: featuring the beauty of light pink gold, this collection represents the chain element in various forms with beautiful diamond inclusions.

• Bottle: this collection concentrates on the beauty of colourful stones, like gemstones, semi precious gemstones and crystals featuring them in forms of hanging balls, creating a joyous collection.

• Balestra: featuring thin gold and diamond chains and beautiful large gemstones, this is a very elegant collection intended for special occasions.

• Elisa: representing the full beauty of yellow gold, this collection is a must-see for all fans of high profile gold jewellery. You can spot great chains in these collections.

• Tartaruga: a colourful collection inspired by the Carribbean, Tartaruga represents the beauty of high profile jewellery making.

Chiampesan has become immensely popular in Dubai thanks to Damas Jewellery, Dubai’s biggest brand, which always concentrates on looking for outstanding jewellers with unique style, to create partneship with them, this way making their brand well known all across the Middle East. Chiampesan collections can be found in Damas Les Exclusives stores, which can be found in the most exclusive Dubai Shopping Malls, such as the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates, to high profile hotels, such as Atlantis, The Palm one of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels located on the Jumeirah Island.

Do not miss seeing the beautiful creations of gold by Chiampesan in Dubai, at the stores of Damas, where you can get to see a unique assortment of the most beautiful jewellery collections in the world. Damas Jewellery offers a huge range of exclusive jewellery for its customers all around the Middle East, further growing in Asia and Africa.