Damas Diamonds

Jewellery has always been women passion and she strives for the best collection in order to bring the distinctive look. In this search, she explores the best collections available and brings out the masterpiece. Dubai is one such place that has been the ultimate destination for such search. A homeland to leading brands as well as authentic retailers, Dubai has promised to deliver the best quality in its jewellery. Many shopaholics, for its affordability and convenient availability, prefer the tax-free state. Among such brands and retailers, Damas is a name that has earned its repute for outclass services.

A number of brands are carefully selected for their distinctive features and Damas ultimately bring the best to its customers. Among such types of brands, the most attractive collection is about diamond jewellery. Diamonds are always considered as forever friends of women for their long lasting fresh look. A number of brands working on diamond jewellery are carefully selected in order to place the collection that can be hardly traced in any other store. Solitaire is one such collection of diamond jewellery that stands distinctive for the pure look of diamond. Damas brings out the finest cut and shape of a single diamond.

Onesixeight is another renowned brand at Damas that has been displaying the finest cut of diamond. Each article of the collection has been given a specific name in order to trace the collection with ease. From a collection of rings to the mighty bracelet designs, the brand is impeccable in its true appearance. Hayati is the brand with the collection of soft jewellery. Mainly made with 18k gold, the jewellery brand has used the technique of studded diamonds in order to design the items that are perfect for every occasion. Damas let its customer explore the true variety with style. Fulla is a jewellery brand at Damas that is meant to target the younger audience. The cool and chick look of the jewellery made with diamond and other stones bring out the true feminism in younger style. A collection of earrings and bracelets has defined new styles in jewellery. Fior is another brand that is designed in floating diamonds and has taken in account the studded look of diamonds. The brand has presented various styles with keeping the true charm of diamonds and bringing out the softer look with its every cut. Another distinctive collection that is known for its unique cut is the marquise cut of diamond in Boudoor collection of diamond jewellery. The placement of three diamonds in an array brings out the perfect glamor.

Apart from exploring the local brands, Damas services are also recognized for the perfect collection of international brands. A number of renowned brands have displayed their latest collections in the lavishing stores in Dubai and the company carefully selects the best quality with distinctive designing. Diamonds are carefully selected after efficient scrutiny procedure. To explore more about the brands visit one of the nearest Damas stores in Dubai.