Damas Pearl Jewellery

Damas jewellery is undoubtedly Dubai’s largest jewellery brand and one of the oldest one of them. Damas has above twenty stores only the area of Dubai, and further stores in all the biggest cities of the United Arab Emirates, opening showrooms also in further Gulf Countries and its first European store in London, UK. Damas Jewellery has a fantastic collection of over 30 jewellery brands and in addition, offers another 20 exclusive watches brands in its showrooms. In our article, we would like to represent you the exquisite pearl jewellery collection of Damas Jewellery.

When you are in Dubai, you will soon realise, that there is virtually no shopping mall where you would not find at least one showroom of Damas Jewellery, The brand is great and is the exclusive Dubai partner of several great brands, which includes some of the best Italian, Spanish and other international brands. Damas is very proud of having been chosen as the Dubai partner of the huge Tiffany and Co. brand, which has just opened its third single-brand showroom in Dubai. You can get to find around 30 different brands at Damas and in addition, the jeweller deals with around 20 exclusive watch brands. You can imagine how huge a collection it makes, out of gold, platinum, diamond and pearl jewellery.

Each year, Damas Jewellery offers special releases for special occasions, such as the Eid and the Ramadan, being the biggest Muslim celebrations in the world, and for the Indian Diwali, which is in fact the biggest Indian feast in the world. These celebrations make millions of people to shop jewellery and other presents to bring with themselves, when travelling to gather with their often far-living families.

There is virtually no sort of jewellery with which Damas Jewellery deals with and its exclusive pearl jewellery is indeed worth looking at. Damas works with natural pearls and currently two of its collections offer pearl jewellery: Kiku and <b><a href="https://www.dubaijewellery.ae/mikimoto">Mikimoto Pearls</a></b> both of which are alone standing brands, having Damas as their Dubai partner.

Kiku is a great brand that does not exclusively deals with pearl jewellery, but offers some beautiful pearl jewellery, such as rings, necklaces and earrings. Regarding the pearl they are using, you can find fresh water pearls included in its mainly yellow gold sophisticated style jewellery.

Mikimoto Pearls offered by Damas Jewellery, is among the most exclusive Japanese pearl jewellers for over a century, dealing only with the most perfect Japanese pearls to offers some of the most beautiful pearl jewellery, in forms of rings, bracelets, necklaces and sets. The beautiful pearl sets of Mikimoto are made of South Sea Pearls and Black South Sea pearls. Apart from introducing pearls in their natural outlook, you can also get to see coloured pearls in its pearl jewellery collections, coloured with authentic colours with pearl shine. Some of the most beautiful Mimimoto jewellery contains pearls decorated with diamonds, rubies and many other beautiful gemstones.

Damas is famous for its finest quality jewellery and its pearl collection is indeed one of the most beautiful in the world. So, visit the nearest Damas stores and discover their amazing pearl selection!