Damas Stores

Damas Jewellery is undisputedly one of the biggest jewellery brands, in not only Dubai but all around the Gulf countries. Today, Damas Jewellery has over 290 stores in the Middle East, which include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Turkey among many others. The farthest lying stores of the brand can be found in Thailand, Pakistan and Egypt. The brand is to open its first UK store really soon as well.

As for its history, Damas Jewellery was founded as early as in 1907 in Syria, being among the very first big jewellery stores in the Middle East, from where it has grown out to be one of the biggest brands of Dubai. The brand moved to Dubai and re-named its brand into Damas when it opened its first store in Dubai in 1959, being among the very first jewellers to pitch tent in the soon –to-develop yet still building city. Since then, it is the same family owning the brand, which has over 300 stores in the Middle East, most of which are located in the Gulf Countries, with the majority of them being inside the United Arab Emirates. Being the biggest jewellery today, it is only Damas, which is so big, that it has decided to open specialised stores, dividing its offers depending on their price and exclusivity.

Today, you can see the most exclusive Damas collections in its Les Exclusives stores, in the Semi-Exclusives stores you can get to see more affordable yet still luxurious jewellery and its collections most affordable for the public are sold in its Damas 22K stores. Damas deals with gold, white gold, rose and pink gold and pearl jewellery. Apart from this, the brand offers jewellery for women, men and even has collections for children. Damas Jewellery has contract with some of the best European jewellery and watches brands and therefore it does not only offer their collections in its exclusive showrooms, but also having opened single-brand stores for some of the biggest brands in Dubai. The brand is proud of being the Dubai partner of the world famous Tiffany and Co., which has recently opened its third store in Dubai.

Damas stores in the Middle East wear the name of Damas all the same, with some inclusions or specifications, such as the Damas Abraj or Damas Saudia in Saudi Arabia or Time Damas in Bahrain. The brand has an especially high number of showrooms in Qatar, where it has over 20 showrooms, then comes Kuwait, Bahrain , of course Saudi Arabia, The four Turkey showrooms are all situated in Istanbul. Among the Damas stores in the Middle East, we can also underline the importance of all its 6 showrooms located in Lebanon, mainly in the capital Beirut.

The great brand has made fruitful connections and cooperation with some of the biggest hypermarket chains of the Middle East, such as Lulu and Spinneys, through which it could successfully open stores in the Middle East, without the actual need to put any extra effort in lending or leasing a new showroom in the area.