Desert Diamonds

The Desert Diamond, which is also known by the name of Saudi Diamond, is a high-grade quartz and is considered to be a semi-precious stone in the same category as an amethyst. This is a natural stone and it would only take an experienced eye to distinguish it from a real diamond. You would be surprised to learn that for hardness and scratch-resistant factors, the Moh’s scale awards the Desert Diamonds a rating of 7.0 - 7.5 on a scale of 10. It is called as a Saudi Diamond as it is mostly found in diamond fields in and around Riyadh. It is a member of the quartz family which has luster but does not break with age. The Desert diamond is one of the important and integral items of Dubai jewelry. Do not be astonished if you hear that the Desert Diamond is more precious than other semi-precious stones.

The Desert Diamond jewelry is handcrafted to exacting standards and is stamped with DD hallmark to confirm the authenticity. The collection has been exquisitely crafted with quality, precision, and style which is the reason why it forms part of the famed Dubai jewelry. Desert Diamonds are available in 18K gold or sterling silver and set with high quality artificial diamonds, colored stones, or pearls – and all this at such an affordable price that will leave you stunned. Desert Diamonds are natural semi-precious stones and they are available in a vast range with quality and precision just like a real diamond.

The Desert Diamond Collection has been especially created for today’s woman who is highly fashionable, stylish, and who immensely enjoys wearing jewelry. And, such a woman definitely feels that jewelry is a fundamental part of her daily beauty accessories. Mention the word Diamond and a woman’s, any woman’s, eyes will sparkle like a diamond. That is the power that diamonds have over women, and the Desert Diamond Collection does hold the same sway over them.

Each and every diamond stimulant used in the Desert Diamond Collection is offered a three month guarantee that covers the quality and workmanship. These diamonds, which are a part of the Dubai jewelry collection, are set in high quality 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold or 925 sterling silver. The stones are hand cut using the same technology for cutting real diamonds. Diamond powder is used in the final stage of polishing which ensures long lasting luster and brilliance.

Just take a look at the Desert Diamond Collection which is absolutely unique, wonderful, stylish, and well suited for any occasion. What makes these Desert Diamonds radically different is that they are amazingly affordable, and you will definitely agree that for the price you pay for them, they are a steal! You need not hesitate in gifting them to your close friend or relative on a birthday, a marriage, an anniversary, or for that matter any occasion.

The Desert Diamonds from the Dubai jewellery collection makes a woman feel like a real woman all over. Their collection includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces in 18 K white gold, yellow gold, and silver, apart from exquisite bridal sets.

Gift yourself a Desert Diamond today. It will give you a touch of class! You can buy Desert Diamond collections at Cara Jewellers, Gold and Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayed Road, Ramesses Cafe at Wafi Mall.