Damas has been selling high quality jewellery in Dubai, ever since the city has started its tremendous growth, counting from the Sixties. Having its family roots and goldsmith traditions from Syria, Damas offers over 30 high quality jewellery collections, among which 12 collections are Damas' own with the rest being some of the best international jewellery brands in the world. In our article, we will look at the beautiful collection of Fope, this Italian jewellery brand that definitely stands out of the crowd, thanks to its exceptional quality and beauty of its design.

Damas Jewellery has established its first business in the area of Dubai in 1959 and as of today, it is considered the biggest brands of Dubai and one of the biggest brands in the Middle East, where it has over 250 stores, with over 20 being only in Dubai. Damas Jewellery offers high quality gold and diamond jewellery from Western to Oriental jewellery designs and two or three times a year it comes out with celebration specific collections from Ramadan to Diwali, for the most important celebrations of the Muslim and Hindu world. Fope can be found among the international collections of Damas Jewellery and it has definitely one of the biggest collections, made out of the highest quality gold and diamonds with rich traditions behind the name.

Fope is a premium Italian brand, being established in 1929 we can see, that it is almost a century of traditional Italian goldsmith knowledge that helped the brand to become one of the elite jewellery brands in Europe. Coming from Vicenza, one of the jewellery and goldsmith centres of Italy, Fope offers exceptional elegance and sophisticated designs made out of white, yellow, rose, pink gold decorated with high quality diamonds. The brand currently offers 10 different collections, each of which is different in forms and designs. The brand likes the usage of gemstones: such as rubies or sapphires , which you can spot in its collections like Allegra while its other collections put importance on rather the sheer beauty of the precious metal itself: see Condotti collection as one of the most beautiful example.

The brand’s famous bracelet and ring collections are its Flex It collections, which contain flexible jewellery. You can see flexible jewellery in Fope’s Flex It, Flex it Eka and Flex it Nieu collections. Also, the brand likes to experiment with new forms and materials from time to time, that’s why you can spot beautiful semi-precious stones in its Giulia collection and black diamonds, in multiple of its collections.

The beauty of Fope Jewellery can be of course the best seen in person in Dubai, in one of the elegant Damas Jewellery stores, which you can find in virtually all Dubai shopping malls, with the inclusion of the Dubai Gold Souk and the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

Once you are in Dubai, do not miss out to see the beautiful collections of Fope in the Damas Les Exclusives and Semi Exclusives stores. If you are so lucky to get to Dubai, during the time of the Shopping Festival, where several discounts apply also in the stores of Damas Jewellery, you can save up a lot and still end up with one or more beautiful pieces of jewellery.