JH Jewellers

JH Jewellers carries behind a large legacy - a legacy of simplicity, understanding, and passion towards the changing styles, trends, and fashions of the jewelry business. JH Jewelry has an extensive range of jewelry to meet the demands of its ever growing customer base. They also have a very good collection of Dubai jewelry which you really ought to see.

The founder of JH Jewelers was Jamnadas Hirji Ghaghda who started with a single store in Sharjah. His son, Mitesh Ghaghda, took things forward and opened a number of stores in Dubai. The company has created a strong brand image for itself not only in Dubai, but in a number of other places in the Gulf region. They have a shop at Dubai and two at Sharjah.

JH Jewelers invites you to look at their collection of jewellery which comprises of the following:

• Necklaces: 22 carat collection with Indian and European designs and 18 carat Italian designer jewelry
• Bangles: An assortment of bangles in white and yellow gold
• Bracelets: An array of bangles in 18 and 22 carat gold, and designer bangle bracelets in white gold
• Rings: 18, 21, and 22 carat rings in Indian, European, and Arabic designs
• Pendants: They have an assortment of pendants in 18, 21, and 22 carat ranges
• Chains: You can see an excellent collection of 18 and 22 carat chains for both men and women
• Indian Jewelry: JH Jewellery is proud of its Indian collection, be sure to take a look at the latest sets
• Bridal Jewelry: Their Bridal Collection is one of the best
• Baby Jewelry: Exceptional collection for kids

JH Jewelers have a wide selection of jewelry to suit your taste or match your mood. They have a range of 22 carat traditional Arabic jewelry, Dubai jewelry, and a matchless collection of Indian jewelry.

Do drop in at JH Jewellers and take a look at their collections at Meena Bazar or at The Dubai Mall.