Dubai is known as the home of branded jewellery and serves the finest designs from all over the world. The jewellery not only targets local Arabian men or women but has also projected its services to the multinational community living in Dubai. The original brand as well as reputable retailers is directly contributing their efforts in Dubai economy. Among such retailers, Joyalukkas Jewellery possesses a high repute for its commitment to serve the excellent among others.

Serving over two decades, Joyalukkas is known for remarkable retail services. The professional and committed staff of Joyalukkas Jewellery is striving to bring the best masterpiece in the competitive market. Each jewellery item of Joyalukkas is compatible enough to meet the highest standard jewellery. Not only its popularity has spread in its hometown India, but also its arrival in Middle East has resulted in capturing many permanent customers. For its outstanding quality, it has received numerous awards appreciating the quality of the product. The company carefully selects the best brands serving in jewellery that has maintained the factor of trust over the years.

Joyalukkas Jewellery has a variety of gold brands that are known for their remarkable quality and designs. The contemporary designs in 22k gold by Aamira is the beautiful collection of small sets that are known for its magnificent crafts work in jewellery and presented in traditional Bahraini style. Bakiamore presents the outstanding fusion of western and eastern touch in jewellery originated from Istanbul. The ultra-modern collection of Ebru has made its way to the hearts of elite class women living in Dubai. Mermaid presents the finest work of pearls in gold while one can find the youthful designs of Teens and Twenties as the perfect creation in terms of crafts. Joyalukkas also offers Turkish jewellery, Zenina and has a huge collection of gold from other countries as well.

Joyalukkas diamond collection also witnesses some of the superb collection from well-reputed brands. The diamonds hosts some of the unforgettable moments of life and each brand displays the finest cut and clarity of the stone. International brands like Di Royale, Ovio, spring, and Magnus have some of the finest collection of jewellery. The gold is further blended with diamond and semi-precious stones to make jewellery stunning and unique in its appearance. The diamond polka jewellery is one of the unique designs that have blended the modern stone with the traditional pieces of jewellery.

Joyalukkas Jewellers are known for their trustworthy material and the elegant designing that serves for every occasion. Beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, gold and diamond sets are available in the city.The beautiful and sensitive pearl collection by Masaaki gives the richness of taste in its making and the trust of its quality. The Ratna collection of precious stones has made its way to the huge malls of Dubai and brings the true aesthetic designs in gold. The stones embellished in an array present the finest work of art. Joyalukkas stores can be located in many high profile malls of Dubai and has gained its repute for its high reliability. So visit the nearest store to discover the latest Joyalukkas jewellery collection or explore it online!