Joyalukkas Rings

Dubai is often regarded as the city of gold for the world’s largest availability of the gold in its best condition. Not only in gold jewellery but the city also deals enormously in the efficient trading of gold. Tracing a world class jewellery brand in Dubai is not at all a difficult task. A list of world renowned retailers of jewellery are serving in Dubai with their finest collections and among them Joyalukkas has able to earn its repute from the beginning. Considered as the largest retailer of jewellery in Dubai, a number of Joyalukkas stores can be located in Dubai with some of the finest collections of rings.

Joyalukkas is known for presenting the huge volume of designs in number of materials. The famous retailer has some of the best gold brands with their elegant collection of rings. Mermaid jewellery is elegant gold jewellery made in small sets that has some extraordinary pieces made with stone studded technique. From contemporary look of Zenina to the traditional touch in Mayuri, the gold jewellery of Joyalukkas is admired by every class living in Dubai. Some of the best wedding rings made with perfect craftsman can be traced in Joyalukkas gold collection

Joyalukkas also presents the some of the unique collections of rings made with precious material of diamonds. Sparx is a brand that brings some of the sophisticated designs for everyday wear. Di Royale is the diamond collection made with yellow gold and stand for the high end fashionable look given by royal touch to the jewellery. Spring is the brand at Joyalukkas store that has followed the natural floral patterns in the making of the jewellery and stand distinctive for its colourful collection. From engagement rings to the wedding accessories, collection at the various stores is simply impeccable.

To bring a distinctive look related to hand accessories, pearl is the ultimate selection to truly add grace. A number of dynamic styles of rings can be traced at the Joyalukkas stores made with finest quality of pearls carefully selected after considering their authentication. The blend of gold and precious stones used as an embellishment of pearl jewellery is a beautiful combination serving for many occasions. From white pearl to the bronze shades, each pearl speaks of its ultimate purity and perfect texture. Either made with white gold or yellow gold, Masaaki rings have managed to win the hearts of many people with its delicate look.

Ratna is also a famous brand at Joyalukkas jewelers known for its precious gems collection in jewellery. The complete sets of the gold are made with traditional designs that also add charm with its exquisite look. Some of the traditional designs of rings can be traced in the collection with the number of sparkling embellishment of precious stones. These items can also serve for formal occasions. To explore more about the endless variety of the jewellers, visit the online catalogue with their codes that helps in placing the concerned order of the jewellery item.