Mamiya Jewellers

Mamiya Jewellers is one of the older establishments of Dubai who deal in gold and diamond jewelry. Dubai has always been considered as the epicenter of the gold and diamond jewelry business. The jewelry business has been one of the valuable resources which has added to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is popularly known as the ‘City of Gold’ and every person who visits the city inevitably makes it a point to purchase some jewelry.

It was through hard work and perseverance that Mamiya Jewelers has established themselves as one of the leading retailers of jewelry. Their development from a single store to a chain of stores did not happen instantly - it took about a quarter of a century.

Mamiya Jewellers have set their own high standards of excellence and quality – the two important parameters which have put them on the road to success. After having established themselves, they have now created their own style of 18k gold and diamond jewelry.
Mamiya Jewellers have an amazing range and variety of gold and diamond jewelry, including Dubai jewelry.

- Necklaces: A range of necklaces in gold, diamonds, and pearls
- Varieties of pendants made of gold, diamonds, and precious stones
- Bangles: Various types of bangles made of yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, and precious stones
- Bracelets: Exquisite range of bracelets in different types of precious metals
- Rings: Wedding rings, Engagement rings, and Dress rings in gold and diamonds
- Earrings: Delicately made fine earrings made of gold and diamonds

The goodwill of the customers has helped Mamiya Jewellers to expand its business and fulfill its vision of excellence in quality, workmanship, and innovation.

When you go to Mamiya Jewellers at The Dubai Mall, you can expect complete perfection.