Mija Jewelry

Do you know how the concept for MIJA jewelry was conceived? MIJA’s founder who is also a jewelry designer was once visiting her sister’s family. On the spur of the moment, she crafted bracelets for her twin nieces, who were two years old, using a gold chain, loose pearls, and a broken pearl necklace. The bracelets won accolades for the designer and soon one thing led to another, and before long she found herself in the jewelry business.

Michelle realized that there was a demand for children’s fine jewelry and she started making jewelry for children. Soon, she found that there was a demand from the mothers as well and that led to the creation of women’s line of jewelry. Michelle started the business at the behest and inspiration of her sister, Jani. The name MIJA has been coined using the first two letters of Michelle and the first two letters of Jani.

Step into any MIJA jewelry store and you will see that their jewelry collection is fashioned using the finest 18k gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. Crafting the jewelry is done using modern technology, and the gemstones are set painstakingly by hand. MIJA jewelry is highly fashionable, remarkably fabulous, and magnificent to look at. Their jewelry collection has been inspired by various aspects of nature - starfish, turtles, elephants, fish, and fruits. MIJA specializes in delicate jewelry for women and children. MIJA jewelry adds grace and glamour to your personality and gives you just the right touch. The jewelry can go well with any dress combination – be it jeans, skirt, cocktail dress, or an evening dress. You will definitely be fascinated beyond words by the beauty of MIJA’s jewelry collection.

Have a look at their bridal collection and you will feel you jaw drop. Yes! Their collection is indeed fantastic and needs no explanation - words are not necessary as the collection speaks for itself. We are aware that all brides are extremely fashion conscious and would definitely like to look their best on their wedding day. MIJA’s bridal collection is so wonderful and so amazing that it will enhance your looks to make you look extremely gorgeous. The collection includes necklaces, hair pieces, cocktails rings, and bracelets.

MIJA jewellery comes in a lot of shapes, sizes, and designs - look at the bangles with hearts, see the necklaces with birds, and admire the four-leaf clover earrings. Their Dubai jewelry is popular throughout the world and their designs are well known everywhere. They have graced the pages of many fashion magazines and newspapers throughout the world. Michelle is an ardent lover of nature and all her designs have been inspired by various aspects and facets of nature – starfish, turtles, elephants, fish, and fruits. MIJA satisfies the needs of all their customers who range from the age of two to eighty.

Michelle tells us that it is not enough if you have exquisite and fine jewellery - you should know how to take care of it. Oxygen and other elements in the air can cause precious metals to tarnish. Take care of your jewelry by keeping them in airtight containers which prevents them from tarnishing.

And remember, when you think of Dubai jewellery, think of MIJA.