If you are a fan of jewellery and especially pearl jewellery, then there is no way, you would not have heard of the world famous Mikimoto brand. Mikimoto is well-known for all of its brilliant creations of exceptional quality pearl jewellery, which is today sold in almost every country in the world. Of course Dubai, being the capital of jewellery trading in the Middle East having by far the greatest choice of jewellery, offers Mikimoto pearls, especially by Damas, Dubai’s biggest jewellery brand.

Speaking about the history of Mikimoto pearls, it is special as the founder of the brand, Mr. Koichi Mikimoto, was the first man in the world to find the way of creating cultured pearl. In as early as in 1888, Mr. Mikimoto was the first to have created the first pearl oyster park in the world in order to culture the perfect pearls in the world. After a great success, the Mikimoto brand has started to create some of the finest, most beautiful pearl jewellery in the world. All of Mikimoto’s creations reflect the initial Japanese aim for perfections. You cannot see anything but highly elegant and sophisticated art pieces in Mikimoto’s collections. Apart from pearl, the brand puts a great importance on not leaving out the inclusion of other precious gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and all different sorts of further precious and semi precious stones.

Mikimoto crafts necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and also cufflinks. It likes to include beaded pearl jewellery in its collections from time to time and uses a great technique to colour pearls in ways that they make jewellery looking unique. Apart from their published collections, Mikimoto loves to work with other famous designers, designing hate couture or limited edition collections such as its Mikimoto Milano Collection by Giovanna Broggian.

Today, Mikimoto releases its high valued collections of pearl jewellery out of 4 major sorts of pearls: Akoya, Black South Sea, White South Sea, Gold White Sea. As for its collections, Mikimoto offers the following collections: Classis, Contemporary, Pearls in Motion, Everyday Essentials, Store exclusives, New Arrivals.

You can be assured that all of Mikimoto’s collections are of excellent quality. In Dubai, one of the main sellers of Mikimoto’s exceptional quality pearl jewellery is Damas Jewellery, Let us add, that Mikimoto also cooperates with other major Dubai brands, such as Al Liali, but it is still Damas, which is its main seller. Damas Jewellery has the richest and oldest history out of all the Dubai jewellers and the fact that it has around 300 stores, all around Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in the countries of the Middle East with the inclusion of Egypt, Thailand and Pakistan. Damas Jewellery offers over 30 collections with Mikimoto being one of their exclusive collections which you can get to find in Damas Les Exclusives stores.

Damas Jewellery has a huge number of stores in Dubai, where you can find its stores in all the Dubai shopping malls, in the hypermarkets of Lulu and Spinney’s and it has showrooms in the most exclusive hotels of the metropolis. When you are in Dubai, we definitely suggest you to visit one or more of its great showrooms and do not miss seeing the beautiful pearl jewellery collections of Mikimoto Pearls.