Pasquale Bruni

If you are a fan of luxury jewellery, there is no way you do not know the name of Pasquale Bruni, one of the finest Italian jewellery makers in the world. In Dubai, the exclusive trader of Pasquale Bruni’s collections is Damas Jewellery, a big name in the local jewellery world, having the highest number of stores in Dubai and being famous all across the Middle East, opening its outlets also in Pakistan, Thailand and Egypt. In our article, we would like to represent you with the eternal beauty of Pasquale Bruni’s jewellery and tell you about its availability in Dubai.

Pasquale Bruni has always been one of the jewellery who like to experiment with semi precious gemstones, having a very sensible style, on which jewellery creates actual happiness or creates the feeling of elegance for its wearer. The brand, which has been founded in Piedmont region of Italy, in Valenza which has been considered as the centre of gold artisans from the Middle Ages has decades of knowledge on how to deal with gold and high quality gemstones, to make them look all beautiful and eternal in fashion.

The brand’s most well-known collections include Bon Ton, Sissi, Prato Fiorito, Fuoco, Luce, Amore, Namaste and Penelope. Each collection differs in style. While Bon Ton uses a rich collection of beautiful green and pink jade, along with the black onyx, it’s Penelope collection gets the inspiration from flowers, with the using of beautifully colourful topaz, amethyst or aquamarine. Its Namaste collection is rich in diamonds, beautiful yellow gold, representing huge rings, which can be opened up. The beauty of diamond pavé jewellery can be spotted in its Liberty and 4 Love collections. As for the style, Bruni loves the usage of huge stones and although we can spot the modern art of jewellery making in its collections, we can see some sort of antique feel to many of his collections as well. Its Ghirlanda collection has a feel of Victorian times. Its Mandala collection concentrates on the beauty of colours while its Madame Eiffel collection was inspired by the elegance of Paris, with the form of the huge Tour Eiffel. Its huge Pinkarma rings made out of pink gold have grown out to be some of the most famous love rings in Europe.

Damas Jewellery, the sole trader of Pasquale Bruni jewellery in Dubai currently offers 3 key collections, such as the Bon Ton, the Namaste and Penelope of course not excluding the new collections either. Apart from the brand being sold in the Damas Les Exclusives showrooms of Dubai, Damas also opened single brand stores for Pasquale Bruni, which you can get to find in the Dubai Mall and the new single brand store recently opened in the Wafi Mall. In Dubai, you can find over 10 Damas Les Exclusives stores, which are located in the best Dubai shopping malls and in the Deira Gold Souk and the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

You should not miss seeing the fantastic collections of Pasquale Bruni jewellery while you are in Dubai. Visit the high quality showrooms of Damas Les Exclusives, where you can spot the most beautiful Bruni creations.