Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is one of today’s most outstanding jewellery brands, coming from Italy and conquering the world with its vast colourful and exclusive collections of high quality gold and diamond jewellery. In Dubai, the exclusive seller of Roberto Coin and Cento by Roberto Coin is Damas Jewellery, the biggest jewellery brand of Dubai. In our article, we would like to introduce you to the great art of Roberto Coin together with its unbelievably beautiful collections.

Roberto Coin is also called the "King of Gemstones" in Italy. From its founding in 1996 till today, Roberto Coin has become one of the most unique leading jewellers in the world. Coin, who has always loved jewellery and gemstones, has been always especially sensitive about not only the sole outlook of a gemstone but also of the powers that these stones are to bring out of us as a positive homeopathic effect. Roberto Coin’s most popular gemstone has always been Ruby, this beautiful red stone which is also rumoured to have great homeopathic powers, with the ability to bring health, happiness, fertility and long life to its wearers. Therefore Roberto Coin was the first ever jeweller to have come out with the idea to insert a small ruby in each one of his jewellery, at a place, where it has direct connection with the skin. You can still see this tendency today, in the vast majority of Coin’s collections.

The great jewellers other very important aspect, when designing his jewellery collections is to bring all of its wearers a "Joie de Vivre" happiness and passion to live life with and since then it’s the ultimate goal of all of Coin’s jewellery. If you look at his collections, you cannot help but wonder how all these beauty can possibly be created by human! The over 20 different collections of the great brand surely bring happiness to their wearers and we all know, that happiness is the most important factor of being and staying healthy. The Cento Collection of Roberto Coin is the special collection dedicated to solely white diamond. This collection is not only famous for this: it is also famous for representing Coin’s own cut, the "Cento" which means one hundred in Italian and not without any meaning. The Cento cut is a special cut by Roberto Coin that gives 100 facets to one diamond stone. Apart from the Dubai Cut with its 99 facets, by far this is the most complicated cut in the world, created by special diamond-cutting specialists.

Some of the most outstanding collections of Roberto Coin include the Primavera, Shanghai, Appassionata, the Art Nouveau, the CapriPlus, the Mauresque, the Vulcano or the Love Chain white haute couture collections such as the Nemo, the Spider and the Turtle are some of the most beautiful jewels ever seen. In Dubai and all around the Middle Eastern countries, you can get to see and buy all pieces of these beautiful collections at the stores of Damas Jewellery, being the exclusive seller of Roberto Coin jewellery in Dubai and the GCC Region. Thanks to Damas being among the largest jewellers of the Middle East, having 300 stores in the Middle East alone, Roberto Coin jewelleries cause a frenetic success in the circles of jewellery fans.

When you are in Dubai, we really suggest you to look at the outstanding collections of Roberto Coin at the Les Exclusives stores of Damas Jewellery, where you will get to see some of the most beautiful creations in the world! Roberto Coin is one of the most expensive jewellers at Damas, however give ruby a chance and do not miss buying a beautiful Roberto Coin ring to feel the touch of ruby and to see the sheer beauty of quality jewellery crafting on your hand.