ST Dupont

S. T. Dupont is a designer brand name who manufactures jeweled lighters, pens, writing instruments, leather goods, accessories, and tech gadgets. The company maintains its high standards of elegance, quality, and excellence for every product manufactured by them. It has achieved name and fame as the manufacturer of some of the best writing instruments in the world.

Simon Tissot Dupont, who came from a family of millers, founded the company at Paris in 1872. He was determined to succeed, and therefore, hired a number of talented craftsmen and started a leather goods workshop. He specialized in the manufacture of wallets and ‘maroquins’ - the attaché cases of those days, and thus earned a name for himself. His customers included Royalty and famous figures from a number of countries and the elite of the society.

S.T. Dupont watches made their appearance only in the 1980s and they have captured the market ever since. Using their philosophy of creating classics, using contemporariness, they created incredible masterpieces which attracted everyone’s fascination. The products produced by S.T. Dupont were used by exclusive clientele comprising of kings, princes, emperors, and maharajahs.

The S.T. Dupont Company which started producing pens from 1973 ensures the quality of the pens produced. Their quality control process involves subjecting each pen to about 150 tests before the pen can be sold. The S.T. Dupont Company continues to maintain its standards of elegance and quality for each pen that comes out. It produces writing instruments using the finest raw materials in the world, with the result you will find that these pens are some of the finest writing instruments and very renowned in the world. The S.T. Dupont Defi Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen is made of pure carbon fiber and palladium and has a nib made of steel (Price range AED 2200 - 2700). The S.T. Dupont Orpheo Fountain pen which is made of exquisite lacquer and palladium with a nib made of 18 carat gold lies in the price range between AED 4000 - 5000. The S.T. Dupont Fidelio Guilloche Fountain pen which is made of lacquer and guilloche has a nib of 18 carat gold and the prices start from AED 1500. Some of their other pens are Alligator Havane fountain pen, Caprice Moka fountain pen, and the Diamonds fountain pen.

S.T. Dupont did come out with a few Limited Edition collector’s items. Some of them are:
• The armor and Katana swords of the Samurai warriors - Samurai craftsmen toiled over these to achieve their everlasting beauty.
• Another collection consists of a Ligne2 lighter, a Neo-Classique President fountain pen, a Neo-Classique large fountain pen, and a rollerball pen.
• The ultimate in luxury is the Samourai Prestige lighter and pen. The piece is made of solid red gold, set with white diamonds and matt black leather.

Experience the splendor of the range of men’s and women’s accessories S.T. Dupont has in store for you:

• Beautiful exquisite high quality luxury lighters – The S.T. Dupont Prestige lighter priced at AED 312.000 is the most expensive lighter.
• A variety of leather goods that include zippered clutch bags, billfolds for your ID papers and credit cards, business card holder, wallets, handbags, purses, and highly fashionable belts.
• Smoking accessories comprising of a range of ashtrays, humidors, cigar cutters, and cigar cases.

Visit S.T Dupont’s store and you will feel that their expert and fine workmanship is similar to the workmanship in jewellery at Dubai Festival City.