Jewellery Stores

Dubai is the land of fine jewellery. There are no international and well-known brand shops, which you would not be able to find in this beautiful city. It is not without reason that Dubai is also called the "City of Gold". There are all sorts, sizes and brands of jewellery stores in Dubai; from the smallest local branch to the biggest international jewellery groups in Dubai almost everything that shines is indeed gold. Let us see some of the most appraised jewellery stores in Dubai.

We get started from the local brands. There are several local jewellery store groups in Dubai; each one has built a great reputation and a good clientele. Each jewellery stores in Dubai have their own specialties, with which they attract customers. Among the biggest brands, we find Damas Jewellery. The founder of Damas was a Syrian jewellery maker and trader who eventually opened his first real store in Dubai, which ever since has grown to be the highest valued brands. Damas has more than twelve own brands and it’s the retailer of more than a dozen well known international jewellery brands as well, such as Daniel K, Marco Bicego or Annamaria Camilli. The Damas Jewellery is also a great retailer of first class watch brands such as the highly valued Vacheron Constantin or Parmigiani. Damas has many stores of all kind in Dubai, most of which you can find in the large shopping malls or in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

Talking about the Gold Souk, this unique place located in Deira houses the highest number of jewellery stores in Dubai. No matter big or small, all gold related business has its centre in the Gold Souk, which could be best described as one of the most important Middle Eastern hub of gold trading, where Middle East meets Asia, Europe and Africa. That is why there is no brand, which is not represented with at least one store in the Gold Souk. This alone standing gold seller place houses more than three hundred gold jewellery stores in Dubai and it is in fact a must-see tourist attraction too.

Dubai has a large reputation of being among the biggest gold sellers in the world and it is true. Most of the Indian, Turkish and Chinese gold will become a beautiful jewellery set and gets sold in Dubai. There is a high number of Indian jewellery stores in Dubai too which have by today become as Dubai as all the others. Great example for this is the Joyalukkas and the Damas Jewellery; both of them are among the highest valued Dubai brands by today. The Pure Gold jewellers and the Malabar gold jewellers belong to those jewellery groups, which are becoming the best sellers on the jewellery market too. The Indian Kaloti group is a wholesale retailer of Gold, dealing with the export import activities and several jewellers acquire its gold. Another great example for the great role of gold and gemstones in Dubai is the alone-standing complex the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which is a unique establishment, especially for those jewellery makers who would like to save a lot by not having to pay tax. Over here, you can find around forty jewellers each one having a great shop in the Visitors’ Centre. Therefore, you can see that the importance of jewellery stores in Dubai is so big.

If you are staying in this unique city and emirate, there is no chance to miss all the quality jewellery stores in Dubai, whose jewels are on offer either in the Dubai Gold Souk or in the biggest shopping malls including The Dubai Mall which can be highlighter for having the largest number of jewellery stores in Dubai. Also other malls worth visiting to buy beautiful jewellery collections are the Mall of The Emirates, Burjuman Shopping Mall, Ibn battuta Mall, Wafi City Mall, and the Mercato Mall.