Taiba Gold Jewellery

Dubai is world famous for its enormous trading activity, when it comes to gold and gold jewellery. In case you are visiting, it is gold jewellery that is the best to buy here as a great souvenir of your stay. Where else you could buy great jewellery than in Dubai’s world famous Gold Souk that is also housing one of the best local jewelleries in Dubai: Taiba Jewellery. In this article, we would like to represent you with the outstanding gold jewellery collections of this brand, which is really worth checking out.

If you want to buy alone-standing gold jewellery, Taiba also offers single pieces of basically everything from earrings to necklaces, amazing bracelets and Indian style bangles which are so fashionable to wear today. If you are looking for gold jewellery to wear during the day, you can choose the gold chains, which are available at Taiba Jewellery. You can also choose out of the hundreds of different pendants available to wear with chains. In case you are of Muslim religion or want to buy a memorable souvenir for you, you should not miss checking out the outstanding collections of Islamic pendants, especially Taiba’s newest addition of Kabaa sporting colorful pendants representing the big mosque of Meccah.

If you are looking for great Indian style bangles, you can choose out of 18k and 21k narrow and wide bangles each one beautifully chiselled and brilliant to buy as a souvenir of your Dubai trip. You should also check out all the different sorts of sets Taiba offers from full to semi–sets. Full set contain a total 5 type of jewellery in one collection.

If you look for something different than the ordinary necklace sets, now it’s time for you to check out on the bangle and ring sets of Taiba which features beautiful Indian style gold jewellery suitable to wear both during the day or for special occasions. If you look for jewellery for the young generation or simply you would like to try out a refreshing style of collection, you shouldn’t miss checking out on the Girlie Bees collection of Taiba, which features colourful bees featured on necklace with a pair of earrings and a ring, each of them being made in similar fashion.

Taiba was among the first Dubai jewellers which have decided to take their entire collection online, in order to keep up with today’s trading trends, which means, you can now visit Taiba’s store online and also order and buy its great quality jewellery from anywhere in the world. Note however, that the brand is still working on their credit card payment availability and currently accepts wire transfer or Western Union as payment methods. Please, also be aware, that Taiba does not include diamonds or any sort of precious gemstones in its collections as default, concentrating solely on the gold crafting of a jewellery, however they can assist you, in case you would like to include diamonds instead of the featured zircon stones, in their gold jewellery.